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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  June 14, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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guess for us. >> i'm looking forwards to that and looking forward to this gorgeous day on tap. gwen tolbert is down staimplets i can't help myself. tap as in beer tap, satellite. >> right. >> we have plenty of nice weather in the forecast for today, i'm happy to say. much like yesterday. except a change in the humidity. here ace look at the satellite radar composite and not much to show you. a few high cloud and they will be sticking and for most the day but plenty of sunshine coming with that as well. here ace look at the highs from yesterday. pretty close to seasonal. 20 degrees at bwi thurgood marshall. right now, 59 degrees. humidity at 63%. wind will continue to be from the northeast bringing in just a little bit of moisture. that's where the cloud deck is coming from. very high cloud. 65 right now at dulles and 68
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at bwi thurgood marshall. a mild start to your day and we are talking a high of 79 degrees northeasterly wind from 5 to so that will pick up here and there. very nice and come sortable. hopefully you will get a chance to get out and enjoy it. the five-day is looking absolutely great. you're going to love the weekend and i'll have those details later on. back to you. >> turks gwen. >> a look at some of our top stories on this thursday morning. former assistants coach jerry sandusky arriving in court. more accusers are expected to take stand before the prosecution wind down their case. the state could race by the end of the day tomorrow. this is going quick. so far, five of sandusky's alleged victims testified, one saying that he
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kept quiet because sanhim john he had wards is breathing a sigh of relief. federal prosecutors dismissed the charges against him. the jurors were deadlocked except on one count where they found him not guilty. the search is on today for a driver involved in a hit-and- run in d.c that accident sent en infant a child and elderly woman to the hospital. this happened yesterday afternoon at kennel worth and eastern avenue. the suspect crashed into the victim's car and then ran away on foot. the three victims have serious injuries. >> a fairfax county elementary school teacher is facing child pornography charges. 26-year-old robert fin is charged with ten counts of possession of child pornography. he is a special education teacher at poplar tree elementary cool in chantilly. a
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fairfax county official said that this was his first year teaching. a group of seniors from fairfax county will not be walking across the stage to receive their diplomas today. they been banned from graduation because of a senior frank gone wrong. they pulled this one last week. school officials are standing firm behind their decision after the sprangers poured baby oil in the hallway of herndon. imagine if someone slipped, right. this could have been really bad. chris schuman is one of the seniors involved. he says that was not a good idea. >> i realize now that could have hurt people. it was a silly mistake. >> reporter: chris' family fought to over turn the decision but fairfax denied the
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appeal. >> mayor gray and news annualityic launched a new service platform called grade the idea is to ensure that residents receive a good grate on july 11th. you know what that is, the day of a my birthday. the d.c. council selected a new chairman, men dell son replaced kwame brown who resigned for bank fraud. this comes a month after selection. michael one was selected as the new pro temp. staying with politics and the race for the u.s. senate in virginia, republican candidate
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george allen is not wasting any time following this week's primary victory. he is out on the campaign trail in our area this morning. >> fox 5's sherrie li is live in washing tonight good morning. >> good morning, allison, good morning, will. former senator george allen is here in arlington and he is going to pick up a very big endorsement from florida's marco rubio this morning and that should give him a big boost with the voters around here. rubio, of course, a tea party favorite. allen will be here with rubio at the flower company in arlington, one of the many small businesses in this country that allen believes have been hurt by the economist policy of this democratic administration. allen is trying to recapture a seat that he lost six years ago. the former virginia senator and governor is up against another former governor in tim cain, the democratic nominee. the race is neck and neck according to polls but rubio's endorsement should give allen a
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boost. today, they will be talking about job creation, something that allen talked about in his blue print for america's future. >> the government imposes the highest taxes in the world on job creating businesses at 35%. i pro most to reduce it to more simple, fair and competitive 20% which would create over 500,000 new jobs a year. rest layings need to be reasonable, needs to have common sense. they are too cumbersome especially on small businesses. >> reporter: this blue print for america's comeback focuses on small business, the real job creators in our economy. now, tim cain has gone after allen from his past experience as a senator representing virginia saying that he was part of the problem in washing top but earlier this morning, alan addressed that and said can look, tim cain has some very close ties to the obama administration and is tied to a lot of failed posties that have gotten us to this place.
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that's the latest hearing in arlington. back to you. >> sherrie, thank you. both president obama and mitt romney are speaking on the economy in the critical swing state of ohio. the president will reboot his economic message in cleveland. romney is already addressing the president's address saying it's the same old tax the rich address. and the president will say that the economy is not his fault i inherit add trillion dollars deficit. we had a surplus. they turned it into a deficit, built in a truck actual deficit that extends for decades. >> he will speak eloquently but the words are cheap. and the record of an individual is the basis upon which you determine whether they should continue to hold on to their job. >> romney and the president are even competing over time slots today, speaking at almost the same time about 250 miles
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apart. in the conflict in syria, the red cross and its islamist partner, the red crescent are sometimes the only ones giving aid to the victims. the international committee of red cross says that the crisis is growing but the organization is still in the country and they are able it get food to refugees. they say that their aid workers plan to help people. he spoke with us during the 7:00 our. he says he needs your help. you can log on to the website for more information. just click on fox 5 morning news. let me just continue with. this yesterday, a road side explosion hit a convoy of aid workers. the international committee of the red cross said that three people had minor injuries a basketball carried hundreds of miles away by a tsunami is now back where it belongs. it was washed away from japan
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by the 2011 tsunami. of a more than a year, the ball with kesson junior high was found on an island off alaska. someone picked it up and they sent it back to the basketball team. somebody started cheering when it was delivered. falling rocks forcing the national park service to close part of yosemite valley for good. today, the national park service plans to announce that the glacier is so unstable that some of the popular lodging areas will have to close. at least 15 people have died, 85 have been injured by falling rocks since 1857. firefighters out west continue to struggle, meantime. the wildfire burning in colorado continues. president obama has authorized the forest service to start
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battling air tankers to start fighting those fires. the fire has now grown to at least 73 square miles and new mexico's biggest wildfire on record has now damaged some 200 homes. >> don't you just love that story of the basketball making it way home to japan? >> i do. >> that's symbolic of their tenacity and will to return. >> and someone picking up that basketball, that seeks to their spirit. >> and ability to pay the postage. coming up, giants pitcher matt cain makes history in the city by the way, my old stomping ground and completes a feat that only 21 other pitchers have accomplished. >> and walt the wizard williams was a terp star before playing 11 seasons in the nba. he lives in our area now and is about to mike more than 100 -- to bike more than 100 miles to
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groundball and it's a play here for arias to complete the perfect game for matt cain. >> it took a stellar defense but in the end, history in the city by the bay. matt cain is the 27th player in baseball history to pitch a perfect game. it is a first for the san francisco giants. that's 27 batters up and 27 down. by the way, the giants won 10- 0. good to see. they would not talk to hill in the dugout. superstition. don't talk to people when they are pitching a perfect game. >> and it worked. >> it worked closer to home, a former
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wizard is here. >> walt the wizard williams is here. we have more here. >> good morning >> hey, dave. >> it is a great event here in olney, maryland. that event ace fundraiser going to help the concoctin. here is walt the wizard williams and the founder, phil. phil, let's start with you. why was it important for to you do this. >> we used to do golf tournaments in fret rick and we didn't bring as much money. and we did a couple of charity bike rides. we are approaching $100,000. >> the goal is $50,000 auctioned on saturday. the bike race itself is a two- day event?
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>> yes. >> you don't have to do all 1 hyundais? >> that's a 50-mile course. that sound like a lot but half of it is downhill. so that's not what hard. >> what type of turnout? >> we like to hold it to 150 people because it's real exclusive like outback cooks for us and we don't want it to be real big. more like a team walt this year. you know, we had a turtle on land is very, very slow. but you found when you put a turtle on a bicycle, it approaches the speed of light. so watch out for walt. he is coming along. >> let's take to that turtle right now. that's probably the biggest turtle you have on seen, the former maryland star. walt the wizard williams. have you ever done 100 mice on the bike? >> no, not even close. the extent of my bike riding is ride through the neighborhood popping willis and things like
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that. >> yes. what can people see through and what can they see auctioned off? >> we're going to have four days of fun. we're going to have auctioned items, redskins, ravens, nationals, orioles, terps. we're going to have a round of golf. we have the mana country club, blue mesh, wordington. montgomery county, needwood, aim shirt green and laytonsville. all of these guys are tar pace paiting. the big one, we have a ticket to four terps games with a tour overnight stay in florida. ms. shirtey cafi gift certificate and a road bike retail value of $1500. that's going to be a lot of
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auction items here. your doom is to reach $50,000 on saturday, correct? tell me why this is important to you? >> yes, i have a son born with sell ball palsy so that's something that's near and dear to my heart. brice. how are you doing, my man, bryce. >> welcome to the -- walking through the facility, i thought it was great that they cared so much about the kids. you get to have low income children and adults. enjoy themselves and relax and take the load off, you know and sort of just, you know, be normal. hang out with each other. it's very important to me. >> we're going to link this to our website. but what's the website that people can help and donate money to this cause? >> you can look at
9:19 am >> that's the concoctin challenge. and walt the wizard william, thank you. >> nba final, lebron or kd? >> you know what? i hate the criticism that lebron receives all the time. so -- >> i give him some of that, too. >> initially, i thought i would root for him but when i watch the game, my heart is with kevin durant. you have to go with the hometown guy. >> very good. he is going with kd. guys, again, go to for all the information on this great event here saturday at the green turtle and the race itself july 28th and 29th. back to the studio for now. >> dave ross, thank you. >> where is your step ladder? >> how tall is walt by the way? >> walt is still 6'9", he has not shrunk. >> he has a small bike. >> i have not shrunk.
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>> thanks, dave a mysterious space-like object making its way through maryland and while many thought it was a space ship, we solved the tery. >> a little like space mystery. >> we have a trivia for you on flag day. when was the first national observance of flag day? here are the answers at least the choices. choices. welcome back. time now is 9:20. [ male announcer ]] here's a friendly reminder.
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just waiting at every turn. [ coaster whoosh ] brave the black forest on verbolten. the all-new multi-launch coaster. only at busch gardens. >> perfect music. >> it was a perfect sight.
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these are actual photos. people say it looks like a ufo and it was on the back of a flood bet truck spotted on 270, traveled on to the beltway and headed east on 210. where was it going? >> well, no reason to worry turns out. it's grown aircraft made by northrup grumman. the dope was on its way to pa tux exhibit naval air station. this is the puck tour when the same aircraft rolled through kansas. engineers practice aircraft carrier takeoffs and landing with the drone on a strip of runway at patuxent. from the design of it, you would think there would be more secrecy, would be covered. >> it is curious. >> curious but interesting. a baby and a little chimp
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play copy cat and it's caught on camera. you don't want to miss this video. guys, sometimes, you need the night out and that calls for dude food. coming up, and event where you and your friends can learn some skills in the kitchen and the drinks that go with >> it's if you go out, we have a night alone as well. 
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you can call it a little child's play. six month old preston caught the eye of mabusu, a chimp in kansas. the two were playing a game of copy cat and it was caught on cell phone. >> we did gather a crowd with a lot of people recording it. i felt it was necessary for us to leave so the other kids can actually interact and when we did. unfortunately, the little monkey did get depressed so
9:29 am
everybody is saying, come back over. >> zoo officials say that mabusu was so happy to see that little boy because there are no chimp his age. >> that zoo needs to give him a couple of play mates >> babies are babies. babies need play time. >> they do. >> it's out in the sun. we like that. >> today will be nice to get out in the sun. >> we have a few cloud. going to be a nice day, pleasant. if you like yesterday, you're going to like today. there are are my two clouds out there. you're going to see bright sunshine. a very pleasant thursday as we get ready to hit into the beginning of the weekend for to. less humid today than it was yesterday. the weekend is going to stay very calm. we have no wet weather to talk about and temperatures, another going to stay very comfortable. so it will be a day to get out and take advantage of this
9:30 am
wonderful weather. here is a look at the highs. we had 822 degrees at reagan national airport, 80 at dulles. skies very clear, not a whole lot to lens. temperatures elsewhere already 72 degrees in fred ricks gurg. 70 for gaithersburg, same for frederick, 26 as far as haggerstown is concerned. 64 in winchester and we brought 71 degrees at bwi. boston kicking in at 63 while new york at 67. 6 degrees for raleigh. fairly comfortable everywhere. mild start for the web. ridge of high pressure to the north will dominate us as we move into the weekend. plenty of sunshine in full force and it will be dry. so we don't have any precipitation to talk about at all. for today, my high, 79 degrees, light winds. by tonight, we'll be very mild as well, 62 degrees with
9:31 am
easterly winds and for your day planner, by the time we hit mid day, we'll be at 77 degrees. it will be comfortable once again. here ace look at the five-day forecast for you. the sun sticks around, take a look, all through the early part of monday. temperatures will get very close to seasonal and we get a little bit of a cooler day as we heat down into the middle of the week sew not bad at all. let's check in with will thomas now. >> thanks, gwen the traditional guys night out may include a ballgame, maybe a bar and maybe both. modern men who are not afraid of the stove may try another kind of activity, the dude food at the stove. our chef is here. let's talk about what is dude food it. >> dude food is like the recipes that guys really want to have, the brat with yours with onions on the roll, onion
9:32 am
baked buffalo wings, all these things,mashed potatoes. >> it's like comfort food, right? >> definitely. >> you are cooking some of that for us. what are you making? >> i'm making the beer-braised brat with onion. >> i know you have to poke these from my mom. >> right you have to poke these, drop them in there, mustard seeds, again seed. >> your on liquid is the beer? >> that's the only. >> what's the heat temperature? >> i'm going to put that on medium high and let these guys simmer away for about five minutes. >> as you continue the process, talk about the actual event. you partnered up withlying social. people can pay a fee and come in. >> that's right. for $39, they can come in and take the cooking class. that's about a four-hour. >> which location.
9:33 am
>> 918 f street. >> near the verizon center where a lot of guys are familiar with drinking beer and going to the games. >> yes. >> >> when that's done, we'll take it over and start taking it over and cook on the skillet or do it on the grill. if it's dude food, they may want to go out and grill. >> so some starts here. >> this is where you are cooking? >> this is where you finish up with that beautiful brown and give it that flavor, sauti up the onions are grill them as well. get wonderful care mellization on them. >> how do you put it together? you put it in the bun and not on. >> i put it on the bun, homemade spicy beer mustard made from beer as well that i show people how to make. >> let's talk about the class. what are you teaching us that you don't already know in. >> i have tons of tips, all the
9:34 am
tricks on how to pair food with beer, how to cook with beer. and all the things you need to know about cooking these kinds of things that would -- the little tricks and tips. >> i know you as a personal chef, you are probably working with a lot of parents who have means. in this economy, a lot of us are cooking more than ever. this is the chef's twist. >> absolutely. you don't have to go out and get a great food, you a the fantastic wings and so forth. you can make them at home and save money. >> do you find guys that are surprised to see they can do this. >> the wings are a surprise. seems so daunting, seeps like so many ingredients and at the end of the day, they are thrilled when they pull perfect wings that they made themselves and even blue cheese dressing. >> what would you recommend the beer? >> i would recommend a nice multi-lagger. you done want to go over the
9:35 am
top with a stout or something like that that would kill the flaifs but something enjoyable. at the end of the day, something you like. that's the key. >> absolutely. you us a hear that about wine as well. when it comes to tasting wine, it's what do you like. there are a lot of guys listening to this thing saying, i don't want to be cramped up in a room for three hours cooking up food like. this you are saying, gentlemen, you might actually meet your mate. women are allowed as well? >> that's right. women are allowed to come into this class. that's a great way to meet guys and, guys, maybe that's a good way to meet gals as well. that's a great way for you to come here. >> it's the 918 f street. seats are still available and go to >> we'll always post your website and all the ones we talk about during our morning show on ours, dude food it is, allison.
9:36 am
you're hungry? >> we, can i eat dude food? i don't know. >> i think she can. >> she's going to love it. >> thanks so much, will. >> yes, i am hungry. coming up, more controversy surrounding the misusa pageant and bad news for rapper kanye west today is flag day and in honors of the stars and stripes, we have a flag-related trivia for you. or you. 
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in buzz bin, charges
9:40 am
against 7-time tour de france champ lance armstrong. the u.s. anti-doping agency accuses armstrong of using a blood booster called epo along with other performance- enhancing drugs and even blood transfusions. the accusations are based on evidence from an investigation of his teams, including interviews with unnamed witnesses. armstrong denies the charges. and more drama for the dropped and the ms. usa pageant. >> a second contestant has now come forward and says that the contest was rigged. the unnamed contest want tells fox news that ms. florida reported seeing a list of the top five finalists in a folder hours before the top 15 were announced. ms. monin who represents pennsylvania, was the first one to announce it. the pa justice department is now suing her. it's still to be determined if anything was taken from
9:41 am
rapper kanye west's home. los angeles police dusted his pad for fingerprints. they are waiting for kanye to return home from his tour in en land so he can determine if anything of value is missing. kanye put the house up for sale after he decided to move in with kim kardashian. >> his mouse may be hold her clothes and shoe collection, right? >> that's his bachelor pad where maybe he is making some of this, little wrath. i want to smell it. i want you to at least smell it. smells delicious. >> with the perfect beer, dude food coming up here, a sail- abration. dozens of tall, spectacular ships sailed into baltimore's inner harbor. check out this one. that's all to celebrate the
9:42 am
centennial bicentennial of the war of 1812. if you thought that your plants cannot take the heat, maybe you don't have the right ones. we'll tell you which plants they are after the break. does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4glte network and motorola, whatever you want to do... droid does.
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welcome back. it's 9:45. some tall ships have moved into baltimore's inner harbor for a week long sail-abration to commemorate the bicentennial of the war of 1812. melanie is live to show us some of the tall ships. >> it's spectacular weather out here. you cannot ask for anything better here. i'm so glad to hear it's going to be a spectacular weekend here. i'm here on one of the ships. this is the gliaius a three
9:46 am
masted ship. i'm going to learn more about what that means. joining me is bill pensek. what are we going to see this weekend? >> melanie, a huge maritime fess value and air event. 45al ships and great hulls from 12 nations from around the world here for free tours at the inner harbor and the point. air show all day long, blue angels and other air acts with daircht vantage points to view all around baltimore. even from the inner harbor, there will be jumbo l ed screens so you can visit the tall ships and watch the blue angels on l ed screens, all free. over tour of 1812 with the
9:47 am
baltimore symphony orchestra. and we have. >> what do people know quickly if they are coming this weekend in terms of getting here? >> if they can, mass transit is always good but from the washington area, parking at m & t bank stadium. lots a, b, c, g, h to visit the tall ships and see the show at fort mchenry. transportations are going to be really good. it's going to be crowded. >> very good. we are here on a ship used by the he can ecuadorian naval academy to train some of their cadets. joining me is the lieutenant commanding the ship -- close. almost there. and joining me is fernando sir amount thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. when is this ship?
9:48 am
what ace a three-masted bark. ] speaking spanish ] >> we are blessed to be here in baltimore and it's also really nice tone joy things with people here in baltimore. >> reporter: why don't you tell me about the ship? >> she has three masts. the first is this one. the fore mast: the main mast. >> and this is an old ship? >> it is from 1927. >> okay. and what is the purpose of the
9:49 am
ship? what is its mission? [ speaking spanish ] >> the principal mission from this trip is it have training in the academy, the officers will serve and also our mission is to -- they are principal ambassadors from ecuador. >> okay. and how long will you be here? >> we're going to stay until monday here in baltimore and then we will be in boston. >> okay. well, unfortunately that is all the time that we have. there is so much more to see on this ship. we are seeing lots of people already touring another ship as well here at the pier. plenty to see and do here all weekend long. i'm going to keep touring the ship a little bit and send some pictures back to the station
9:50 am
shortly. shortly. >> melanie, thank you so much. i hope to get to baltimore to see that sight first hand but thank you for your report. i'm with the fantastic biron thomas. did i scare you? >> i'm with the fantastic allison seymour. >> that's a love fest. we are talking about plants and vine that can with stand the heat that hopefully we'll be getting around july. >> and coupler is coming. i think that's going to be a sizzler. here is the thick. if you have not gone out to get the plant yet, there will be some that will shine. this time of the year, you get things on sale. this marigold, just because it has some flowers that started to fade, don't worry. this plant is going to flower all summer long. things like dusty miller. this one has been damaged in the about mustry, has a piece that has been torn off, road
9:51 am
coming out. don't be afraid of that. these plants are annuals and once you get them in the ground, they will be doing fine. and there salvia, even though it's lost most of its leaves, don't worry about that all these baby leaflets will flush out and you will have a great plain again. >> i hate to interrupt you when you are on a flow but if i saw this, i would be like, uh-oh, do you suggest talking to the person that's working there? >> when you are at a garden center, one thing that you want to make share is that you are dealing with a reputable garden center, find out hot staff is, ask them make sure that the plant is not diseased. but what happens is that it just need a bigger pot. you see how this one needs a little bit, baren down below?
9:52 am
>> yes. and this roof top has become way overgrown. >> same plant. >> same plant, different coloring. >> and they were both the same size at one time. what happens is that this one was given a bigger plant or when you get it home, you go ahead and plant it in a pot in the ground. >> need some tlc. things like these grasses. don't be afraid because you see a lot of dry and dead leaves. >> right. >> you can go home, take time to plant it and this is going to be fabulous all summer long. this looks a little bit leggy. >> i like when you say that. all leggy. >> that's because it does not have anything down below. use a good compost, mulch and fertilizer, take out of the pot when you take it home. and you can get these plants on discount right now.
9:53 am
i'm going to cut this all the way around. >> that's to irrigate? >> no, preventing the roots from massing and not growing out of themself. you put it in a larger pot, take your soil mixture, pot this up and what's going to happen is not only is the plant going to flush out and become a lot stronger but it's going to fill in below and you will end up with a perfect plant and most of the time, this time of the year, you are getting a plant that's drought resistant and the flurries are giving you a deal: smells so flagrant unlike the bratwurst. that's a good earthy smell. >> this is a good earthy smell. >> this is a hearty jasmine vine. don't worry about all this spotting on the leave because, actually, what that is is the plant just needs to shed those lease
9:54 am
>> it's last year's leaves. this just min will last for years in your garden. cut the roots out, and this jasmine will bring you joy for years to come. >> before let you go. this hibiscus reminds me of summertime in why may ka. if i ever need a stage name, that's right going to be dusty miller. >> dusty miller. >> hopefully you don't need it. look at you, you are getting good with the plant name. hopefully you don't need a stage name because allison seymour is fabulous. >> hoe are you, derek thomas. we'll be right back. 
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time to say hello to our facebook fan of the day.
9:58 am
isaac cologne. he wakes up every day at 4:30 to our fox 5 team. wake up four minutes earlier and you can watch us at 4:25. he says he loves watching tony and tucker who are both off. i hope you watched us today. thank for tuning in. for a chance to be the fan of the day, log on to facebook page and leave a comment under isaac's photo. let's answer today's trivia question. we asked when was the first national observance of flag day, right? there were your choices. 190, 1850, 1877. >> any guesses? >> 1877. gwen peeked. >> i did not >> it's right in front of you. >> the answer is right. 1877. she is trying to impress our facebook fan of the day. it was a century after the flag had its first birthday. people across the country celebrated june day. it was not until 1949 that
9:59 am
congress made it own observance. >> it's thursday. you know what that means. tomorrow is ask allison time. if have you a question that you would like answered, why not send it to me. we do these questions friday among. i have to joke on myself quickly. i'm not a plant person. i called that a hibiscus. i think that's a mandilla. >> that's not earthy like the brat. smelled very earthy and interesting. >> good soil. >> it was good. i was actually -- the dude food was good. and the forecast is good. >> the forecast is good as well we have some sunshine and a few clouds. the winds picked up a little bit. 79 degrees. weekend absolutely spectacular. lots of sunshine through the week. temperatures close to seasonal. comfortable. get out and take advantage of the


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